About Forsyth Imaging Center:

An independently owned away from corporate healthcare, Forsyth Imaging Center is started to help all the patients in the cost of their imaging studies. We currently offer ultrasound of most organs and Echocardiography. We are in the process of getting X-ray, mammogram, CT and MRI soon. We strive to give patients best possible imaging studies with minimum possible expenses. There is a large population without insurance in Triad area and large population with very high deductible and coinsurance, and we understand how expensive it can get for even simple imaging studies.

To provide very low prices we don't file any claims to any insurance company. It gives us freedom to keep our prices low without any insurance contract. Though, we encourage all patients to take advantage of our low prices and excellent services, with all the insurance carriers. We can provide you a receipt for you to file claim with your insurance company. All insurance companies provide online access to the patients to file claims.

All the imaging studies are done by trained and experienced technologist, ARDMS certified ( American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography). All technologist hold current certificates in their specialties.

All imaging studies are reviewed and read by radiologist, board certified by ABR (American board of Radiology) and many fellowship trained in their sub-specialties. Echo studies are read by both radiologist and cardiologist.

Regular non emergent reports are available with in 24 hours.

Emergent reports are available in 4-6 hours.

STAT reports are available in less then an hour.

You don't even have to waste your time to talk to the financial counselors, finance team, a way to get discounts or hassle through the hoops to get your imaging done. We provide just a simple solution to all questions, just walk in at the time of your appointment, bring prescription or have it faxed by your physician, pay your dues, get imaging done and leave as soon as possible. We will send your reports to your physicians. If needed we can provide you printout or a disc of your images for your physician.

Our wait time is minimal as we know your time is invaluable and precious. Our regular operating hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, we welcome and accept walk-in appointment during this time.

Also, we provide services late in the evening and over the weekends. We are open till 8 PM on weekdays and open on weekends, but these timings are available by advance appointments. We do not accept any walk-in during late evening and weekend hours.

If you bring a written quote for a total price ( including imaging and reading fee) higher than us, from another imaging center, we will give you better prices than any imaging center or hospital in the Triad area.