Forsyth Imaging Center: Gives you control of your health and Money

At Forsyth Imaging Center we are committed to provide a low cost, economic, cheap affordable priced and good quality imaging studies with excellent patient care to serve best results. We understand being sick is difficult itself, therefore management should be a little less difficult. To make it easier in difficult times we offer competitively much lower cost imaging studies, than possibly any of the imaging center and hospitals in Triad area. We also offer late evening and weekend appointments.

Similar results at lower cost:

At our center experienced tech & board certified radiologist can provide same results, as you would get from spending hundreds of $$ more at other hospitals and imaging centers. Some of our imaging studies are priced at less then 30% of other imaging center and hospitals (Compare prices here). Our prices are published on our website for the services we provide. You can compare these prices with any of your local hospital or imaging center. To provide the lowest possible cost to the patients, we do not bill any insurance company. We can provide you a receipt for you to bill your insurance company yourself. Most insurance companies provide Online access to patients to file any claims.

Before you make a decision where you want to have your imaging done, ask your hospital or imaging center about total price, not just upfront price. Ask them price of imaging, facility fee and radiologist fee ( How much total it will cost you after the imaging, you will be surprised to know the total cost and hidden fees which may not be revealed at the time of exam).

Patients with insurance:

If you have not met your deductible then the total price of the imaging will be your out of pocket expense before you can get the imaging done. even if you have met your deductible and have co insurance is 20-30%, you may end up paying several hundred $$ even with use of your insurance. We can do it for much less and you can still use your insurance by billing yourself and save money.


Board Certified Tech and Radiologist:

Our tech are ARDMS and specialty board certified with experience in different modalities, and our Radiologists are board certified from American Board of Radiology and many are fellowship trained.

Evening and weekends:

We offer late evening up to 8 PM and weekend appointments. These timings are available with advance appointments only.

Walk-in accepted:

We welcome and accept walk-in appointment from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, besides our scheduled appointments. We will try to accommodate as much as possible with minimal wait time, depending on the schedule.


A physician prescription is required for all imaging studies. The prescription can be sent directly from your physician office by fax to 336-450-4383, or you can bring it with you.

Additional discounts for healthcare workers:

We respect and admire all our healthcare workers and community, therefore we offer additional discounts for all health care workers in Triad area, and employees of Novant and Baptist hospital. An identification badge is required for any additional discounts. For any further questions please call 336-842-5192.


Fosryth Imaging Center

3001 Maplewood Ave,

Ste 302

Winston Salem, NC 27103

Phone - 336-842-5192,

Toll free - 1-833- MRI-SCAN

Fax - 336-450-4383